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A few years back Rolex Submariner Replica, Schwarz Etienne began a vertical integration Rolex Submariner Replica strategy. They even produced hairsprings in-house with E2O innovations, their sister company. This strategy was Rolex Submariner Replica based on deep product evolution and a modular approach to development of movement movements. A family of mechanical motions was developed and evolved into various versions. Today we will be looking at the La Chaux-de-Fonds Rolex Submariner Replica Tourbillon Petite Seconde Retrograde. It was presented at Baselworld 2017.The Schwarz Etienne La Chaux-de-fonds Tourbillon Petite Seconde Retrograde, or PSR, is the latest in a series of movements that began with the introduction of the MSE Rolex Submariner Replica caliber (Manual Schwarz Etienne) in 2013. This beautiful 13"''' 1/4 twin barrel movement has 4 days of power reserve and offers 4 days of power reserve. It was followed by the ASE, ISE (Irreversible Schwarz Etienne), and the TSE (Tourbillon Rolex Submariner Replica Schwarz Etienne).

TSE Rolex Replica Watches caliber, a one-minute tourbillon movements with its micro-rotor Rolex Submariner Replica on dial side, is a one minute tourbillon movement. The retrograde small-second is now included in the TSE caliber. Its mechanism is directly connected to the Tourbillon. The Rolex Submariner Replica tourbillon arbor is fitted with a snail cam (colimacon, for those who are keen to learn more about French watchmaking). The system is tensioned using an E2O Innovations spring. A ratchet gear rests on the cam. This mechanism allows the tiny seconds hand to move along an arc, then jump back to Rolex Submariner Replica recommence from the beginning point.The cam's shape is such that it has a constant increasing diameter. Tourbillon runs smoothly, even though the retrograde seconds are mounted directly to its arbor. Schwarz Etienne says that the amplitude loss of the tourbillon is less than 10%. This allows it to function efficiently.Rolex Submariner Replica

This Rolex Replica ballet features the motion of the tourbillon, retrograde seconds and cool oscillations of a micro-rotor. In total transparency, the Rolex Submariner Replica movement shows its inner workings. Its combination of volume, movement, contrast materials, and colors adds visual depth and works well. Grey finish on the movement with Geneva stripes, hand-chamfering and sandblasting on its main plate. Rolex Submariner Replica It operates at 3 Hz and has a 72-hour power reserve (3 days).Two versions of the Schwarz Etienne La Chaux-de-fonds Tourbillon Petite Seconde Retrograde are available. The small seconds indicator, as well as the off-centred hours/minutes dial, are made from grey hematite specularite or green aventurine (fine Rolex Submariner Replica stones). The round case measures 44mm in diameter and is made from either steel or pink-gold. The back of the case is engraved with gears, and has an opening for the Tourbillon cage.The La Chaux-de-Fonds Tourbillon was presented in 2016. It was named in tribute to the place where the brand was established in Rolex Submariner Replica 1902 by Paul Arthur Schwarz, and Olga Etienne. We have already looked at some of their watches, including the Tourbillon Seconde Retrograde, and now we will take a look at their dial-side microrotor flying tourbillon watch.Rolex Submariner Replica

La Swiss Replica Watches Chaux-de-Fonds Tourbillon was the first Tourbillon movement to be Rolex Submariner Replica presented by Schwarz Etienne since the company began a vertical integration strategy several years ago. This is the latest iteration in a series of movements that began with the MSE (Manual Schwarz Etienne), a 13''' 1/4 lines twin barrel movement with 6 bridges and 4 days of power reserve. It was followed by the Rolex Submariner Replica ASE, ISE (Irreversible Schwarz Etienne – 2013), and the TSE (Tourbillon Schwarz Etienne – 2016) which we are now reviewing.The caliber TSE121.00, a large automatic movement, measures 30.4 mm in circumference. It has a micro-rotor on its dial side which adds visual depth and dynamism. Schwarz Etienne chose a flying tourbillon. The skewed construction allows for unhindered Rolex Submariner Replica views of the mechanical processes. It was fully designed and manufactured in-house. It has a power reserve of 3.5 days and runs at 21'600 vibrations an hour.As inset from Roman numerals, only a portion of the movement can be seen. The centre of the dial, however, is openworked. It is balanced by the placement of Rolex Submariner Replica the micro-rotor barrel, tourbillon and barrel on the main plate. The fine decoration includes Geneva stripes, sandblasting, and hand-chamfering.Rolex Submariner Replica