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The SIHH Rolex Replica Watches, Geneva Watch Fair, took place in January this year. We've Rolex Replica Watches seen some really nice watches there. See here. Then, there was the movement. The watch itself isn't worth Rolex Replica Watches explaining, but the beauty of its caseback is unmatched. This watch is the Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda Chronor Anniversaire. It features one of the most impressive integrated split-seconds movement - and one of the most stunning Rolex Replica Watches movements, regardless of complications or manufacturer. This rattrapante watch is massive, we can confirm that. We love watches because they are functional, technological and beautiful.A is not an easy task. A Rolex Replica Watches is one of the most complicated complications. We have explained this to you in our technical column. The complexity of a perpetual calendar is due to the large number of components required. The same issues apply to a tourbillon, but the technical solution is well-known. The is more Rolex Replica Watches complicated for two reasons. It requires many parts. First, there are levers, gears and clutch. Second, it needs a mechanism for pushers and an activation device. This can be a simple cam or a traditional column-wheel. This is only about the Rolex Replica Watches machining and assembly. It is time-consuming, but not difficult for skilled watchmakers. The adjustment and integration of the movement is the main problem.Rolex Replica Watches

The Rolex Replica Watches is based on kinematics, with a series of actions that Rolex Replica Watches each determines and triggers the next. Each sequence must be precisely synchronized, adjusted, and coordinated. Every little thing can have a knock-on effect. It travels down the line Rolex Replica Watches like a set of dominoes and disrupts the whole movement. It is a lot of parts involved, from the pusher action to the beginning of the second hand on the Each part must be well designed, assembled, and adjusted in order to work together. Rolex Replica Watches There's also the final issue: timekeeping. A is a second gear train that can be added to a movement. It can ruin its precision. The can activate or deactivate resistance, frictions, and the number of parts that must be moved. This is a problem for modular movements, since the base was not Rolex Replica Watches intended to accept such a module. Integration is therefore crucial.Rolex Replica Watches

The Rolex Replica first integrated movement by Parmigiani Fleurier Rolex Replica Watches Tonda Chronor, the Calibre PF 361, is the Calibre PF 361. Although Parmigiani had an in-house Rolex Replica Watches movement, it was only a modular one. This meant that a module could be added to a normal (3-hand) movement. This can cause problems for the kinematics and timekeeping. Everything has been designed and constructed from scratch, and is now integrated into the movement. All complications, including the rattrapante function and the big date, have been Rolex Replica Watches integrated into the movement, not as additional modules. What does this mean? It means a better integration and interaction between the parts, less negative effects on timekeeping, and a best-looking movement.Rolex Replica Watches

Technically, the PF361 Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda Chronor has a split-seconds / rattrapante synmovement with large date. It Rolex Replica Watches has two column-wheels. One actuates the normal function and the other is used to split time or catch up (rattraper, in French). The timing session is thus divided. Rolex Replica Watches This column-wheels can be linked to a vertical clutch. This solves the problem with lower-end that have jitters at the beginning. The second hand will start smoothly and not do the small jump seen on a 7750. (Again, see our technical Rolex Replica Watches column for more information about clutches and column-wheels). It is also a high-beat movement that beats at 5Hz, or 36,000 beats an hour - which, while it is rare, can lead to better Rolex Replica Watches chronometric results. This movement is therefore 1. complex and 2. completely designed in-house. 3. fully integrated. 4. potentially very precise.Rolex Replica Watches